Cashier and Retail Assistant

We’ve created our courses to suit your busy life! The duration of this course is based on a student guide where one 300 – 500 word article is read per day, and the assessment is done on a separate day after the relevant articles have been reviewed. But you can do the course in your own time and at your own pace. If you choose to do two readings per day, it will take you half of the estimated time, four readings per day means doing the course in a quarter of the time etc. We leave that decision up to you!

What this course is about?

This course is designed to teach the basic principles of being a cashier and general retail assistant. The course will take learners through the basics principles and skills required to succeed in a retail environment.
Some of the skills taught in the course include:

  • Projecting a positive personal image
  • Promoting professional work ethics.
  • Customer care
  • Basic operating procedures
  • Work station maintenance
  • Security
  • Anyone who wants to either get a job in retail, or to improve their personal skills will benefit from this course.

Who should be doing this course?

This course will help anyone who wants to pursue a career in retail or for a person attending to customers in a retail environment. The retail jobs targeted in this course may include:

  • Cashier
  • Store assistant
  • Counter assistant
  • General store worker.
  • It is also suitable for an individual who would like to improve their general customer service.

Learning outcomes

After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Understand the Retail Environment.
  • Learn about the different departments in a store.
  • Understand basic interpersonal skills when dealing with customers.
  • Understand how to project a professional personal image.
  • Illustrate what a professional work station should look like.
  • Understand the operating and security procedures in the retail environment.
  • Recognize how to deal with tough issues at work.


Your course is mark is calculated using the average mark obtained in each of the Chapter tests. In order to pass this course, you must obtain a final course mark of at least 50%. This means that even if you fail a few of the chapter tests, if your test marks in the other chapter tests are high enough you will still be able to pass the course. Good Luck!

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